10+ years building
innovative cloud solutions
innovative cloud solutions smarter processes streamlined patient journeys an amazing workplace

At Mavens, we build trusted products and implement cloud-based technology that help emerging biotech, rare disease, and specialty pharma companies navigate the challenges of commercialization.

Our work

We have been designing, building, and implementing globally compliant software in life sciences for more than 10 years. We have seen where the industry has been and we are uniquely positioned to help drive our customers into the future.

Our roots

Mavens was founded by two former Salesforce.com employees, Prasad Kanumury (PK) and Billy Ho. Their goal was simple: Demystify and unlock the power of cloud technology for life sciences. They believed two things:

Everyone gets stronger when we share information.

Knowledge breeds innovation which breeds more knowledge, and so on. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Our work needed to be fueled by purpose.

With interests rooted in both people and health, we saw an opportunity to contribute to the common good and add value to our industry.

More than 10 years later, the goal we started out with has changed the way life sciences companies think about interacting with doctors, patients, consumers, and others. Over the years we’ve helped countless companies—large and small—streamline processes and reach more people.