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A global Identity and Consent management solution for a top 10 pharma company

Newer regulations such as GDPR are forcing pharmaceutical companies to reevaluate how they engage with their stakeholders at a global level. Many of our customers are realizing that a new approach to managing the capture and distribution of identity and consent information is becoming crucial and that a centralized solution delivers valuable economies of scale.



A top 10 pharma corporation partnered with Mavens to launch a global identity and consent solution.

The company needed a management solution to service their HCP, Patient, and Consumer clients. The solution needed to grant a single identity to each client and enable them to manage their personal and consent information. All this information needed to be easily accessible and auditable, and the associated consent language simply maintained.

The solution would also need to integrate with the existing established enterprise solutions: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Veeva CRM, Veeva Vault, and an MDM system. LinkedIn and Google should also be available as external identity providers.


Mavens implemented our Identity and Consent Cloud solution for the client.

At project start, the Mavens’ Identity and Consent Cloud solution covered 60–70 percent of the customer requirements.

At project start, the Mavens’ Identity and Consent Cloud solution covered 60–70 percent of the customer requirements. Mavens and the pharma company then collaborated and led feedback gathering sessions with the core team and pilot affiliates (Italy, Germany, and United Kingdom) to further define the global and local requirements.

The requested enhancements were implemented to meet the desired needs and provide local flexibility while respecting global processes and compliance.


Mavens delivered the solution on an accelerated timeline.

Our Identity and Consent Cloud solution enabled this global centralized solution to be customized, fully integrated with seven systems, and fully functional within an accelerated timeline of five and a half months.

As a thought leader in identity and consent management, Mavens provided real-world experience and guidance in making critical business decisions. Our solution design team’s knowledge of standard industry applications, paired with our general nature of sharing and teaching, complemented the client’s desire to internally build specific integration and enterprise services.

With the initial roll-out complete, the client is continuing to partner with Mavens in enhancing the solution further and onboarding its first live application.