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Creating an integrated digital experience for HCPs

With the introduction of new channels, interacting with HCPs has become increasingly difficult. While legacy communication platforms leave Commercial and Marketing teams siloed and unsure of how to deliver the right information, at the right time, through the right channel, HCPs continue to expect a coordinated, streamlined experience. Mavens partnered with BTG International (BTG) to help solve this persistent problem.



BTG International needed a marketing automation solution.

When BTG started working with Mavens, HCP account information, interactions, and marketing communications were stored in siloed, disconnected systems. The Commercial and Marketing teams both had information the other team needed, but no streamlined way of sharing it. The client needed a solution that would allow them to coordinate communication, personalize interactions, and capture HCP interests and channel preferences.

The client asked Mavens to help create a solution that would enable them to build email target audiences, nurture relationships, improve the HCP experience, and ensure HCPs had the right information at the right time through the right channel.


Mavens delivered solutions to smooth out internal processes.

Over the course of two complex projects, Mavens set up BTG’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment to support three brands. Mavens activated the Salesforce Connector to give the Marketing team access to the latest HCP information and built automations to generate email audiences.


By leveraging the Veeva CRM Connector and Automation Studio, Mavens gave the BTG Commercial team visibility into Marketing activities. Using Journey Builder, BTG was able to send follow up trade-show communications and re-engage dormant accounts. Mavens also built a custom Preference Center, allowing HCPs to specify interests and marketing communication preferences across BTG’s brands.


Two years later, the partnership continues.

After four months, the Marketing Cloud environment launched with two brands, two Customer Lead Journeys, HCP audience segmentation, established automation settings, an Event Registration solution, and a completed IP Warm-Up. Upon BTG’s request, Mavens built an HCP Engagement Scoring solution a few months later in order for Marketing to better understand HCP engagement with Marketing content and be able to adjust content per the data.

The client was able to shift from isolated HCP communications to a coordinated, omnichannel customer engagement strategy. Marketing Managers are now able to use CRM data to personalize and target HCP communications. Commercial teams have continuous visibility into all Marketing communications to help build strong HCP relationships. The HCP experience has been improved as HCPs can now control what information they receive, when they receive it, and through which channel.

Two years in, Mavens continues to provide technical advisory services and onboards new brands and departments.

“Mavens deftly and patiently guided us through each step of this complex design and implementation process…We will look to Mavens as we continue to evolve our Marketing Cloud capabilities.”  

Leslie Geller, Marketing Contractor on behalf of EKOS Corporation, a BTG International group company