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Patient services programs in specialty and rare disease

A leading biotech company needed a platform to power their patient services programs and support complex patient journeys from prescription to reimbursement to adherence.



Mavens partnered with a leading biotech company to in-source their patient services programs from hub services providers.

Our client had fully outsourced their patient services programs to hub providers. With this model, our client lacked full visibility to the valuable data being captured and were unable to provide key services and form direct relationships with their patient population and physician networks.

With multiple hub providers supporting different programs, there were also cost inefficiencies, and different technology platforms prevented our client innovating and adding additional services at the desired rate.


Mavens migrated the patient services programs from the existing hub providers to a cloud-based solution powered by the Salesforce platform.

The solution provided standardized workflows with the ability to tailor each journey to the specific needs of the patient.

We deployed our Patient Journey Navigator, a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform powered by the Salesforce platform. The solution manages complex, non-linear patient journeys and is designed to support multiple programs.

Patient, interaction, and therapy history data was migrated into the new solution to ensure that the current status of each patient was known, as well as the due date of the next interaction. Key program data that supported KPIs was also migrated to ensure hub program performance could be compared to program performance following the launch of the insourced program.

The solution supported the company’s contact center agents to navigate their patients through complex patient journeys by providing standardized workflows with the ability to tailor each journey to the specific needs of the patient. Hub users continued to support specialized parts of the process, such as benefits investigation, logging into the new solution to do so. A portal supported treatment sites and HCPs.

The solution was integrated into the company’s master data solution that supported institutions, physicians, and payers. Real-time transactional reporting was driven through the solution with additional data feeds pushing program data to the company’s data warehouse. Fulfillment was supported with integration with a data aggregator and a network of specialty pharmacies.


Our client saw an approximate 5% increase in fulfillment rates.

After launching and stabilizing the first patient services program, our client received positive feedback from the patient population and supporting physician networks. Many new providers have adopted the services being provided.

The success of the first patient services program led to the decision to insource additional programs from hub providers. Multiple programs have now been migrated onto the Patient Journey Navigator and our client is seeing an increase in fulfillment rates and decrease in patient discontinuations.

Our client continues to innovate and drive efficiencies through technology through services such as real-time electronic pharmacy benefit checks and PAP eligibility.