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Personalized patient programs for cell and gene therapies

A pre-commercial biotech company needed a solution to support a genetic testing program to understand the patient population before commercialization. The solution would then evolve to support the patient services program following therapy launch.



Mavens partnered with the company looking to help them execute market sizing initiatives and launch their groundbreaking gene therapy.

Our client had no solution to coordinate testing between genetic testing providers and patients. They also needed to prepare for therapy launch by establishing a patient services program, and ensuring commercial and medical teams were technology-enabled.

To cater to the personalized therapy, complex supply chain and logistical processes needed to be supported, with a “high-touch” service being provided to patients to ensure critical time-based milestones were met.


Mavens implemented cloud-based solution powered by the Salesforce platform.

We deployed our Cell & Gene Navigator, a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based solution powered by the Salesforce platform. The solution manages complex, time-critical processes, and supports high-touch patient services programs with multi-channel communication.

Patient enrollment was quickly followed up by electronic patient consent, with automated and personalized emails providing educational material to patients and keeping them notified of the current status.

Case managers were guided through a vastly complex patient journey, with standardized workflow that could be tailored for the needs of each specific patient. Time-critical supply chain and logistical processes were supported so that case managers could coordinate with treatment and manufacturing sites to ensure the patient was at the right place, at the right time.


Following FDA approval, our client successfully launched their patient services program and soon after provided treatment to the first patient.

Results from the genetic testing program enabled our client to provide support for those diagnosed patients and, following approval by the FDA, coordinate their treatment journey.

The technology supported therapy launch, delivering the services required by patients and successfully acting as the communication medium between a complex network of stakeholders. Our client continues to innovate providing additional services and technology to support a growing patient population.