Love What You Do And Make It Matter

That’s our mission, and we seek candidates for whom that resonates. Now, imagine working with a group of talented, dedicated individuals who get to experience that daily.

Mavens offers an environment of collaborative, creative risk-taking that encourages team members to experiment with building new applications and processes by funding development internally. We actively seek team member input and build on that feedback to create and improve our service offerings.

  • We’re not looking for perfect candidates. Rather, we’re looking for a perfect fit, regardless of your skills, background and experience.
  • We’re a grown-up company with a start-up vibe. We’re a 40+ person team and we’re growing.
  • We’re continuously recruiting – we have no deadlines. So, as long as a job is posted, we’re interested.
  • We’re a Salesforce.com Premium Partner, so most of what we do is related to the Force.com platform.

Perks of Being a Maven

Working at Mavens, there are a lot of perks that come with the experience. Beyond the standard flexible schedule, health insurance, and retirement package; we offer some benefits that are quite unique…

Unlimited Vacation Time
We work hard and then we enjoy our time off – whatever the timeframe. And that also means no checking email and voicemail while you are out. No, really.

We’re a Multi-Talented Bunch
Play a musical instrument? Fluently speak three languages? Ping-pong champion in the tri-state region? We’re a diverse group with different backgrounds, personal and professional experiences, interest and skills, and are scattered across the U.S. and Europe. That means we each contribute and celebrate something unique in order to build something unique: Mavens Consulting.

First Fridays
Get social every, well, first Friday of the month. Take a colleague or recruit out to lunch and “talk shop.” Network. Most Mavens are hired based on internal referrals – and the generous referral bonus doesn’t hurt!

Mavens Core Values
While other firms may claim to live their core values, we live, eat, and breath ours. Okay, that may be a bit much, but our values provide the compass by which we make decisions, perform actions, and treat our internal and external customers. What are your values?

Results Over Schedules
We don’t manage schedules. Rather, we’re a meritocracy and we focus on results. So, if you code at midnight and take long lunches, it doesn’t matter. What matters is taking care of our clients, both external and internal. Can you handle not being micro-managed?

Work from Home
Many of us like to wear bathrobes and shorts all day. It allows us to focus on doing what we do best – taking care of customers and their needs. (Note: we discourage wearing bathrobes and shorts when visiting clients).