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A strong start for strong products.

Our Quality offering helps you prepare and assess your people and processes so that developing a quality end product is easy and straightforward.

Building quality in from the get-go

The Mavens Quality team can support organizational quality initiatives across life sciences, helping you with everything from setting up a quality management system to corrective and preventive action plans to validation services.

QMS expertise

We have been implementing and consulting on QMS from Veeva and other life sciences providers for more than 10 years.


Mavens can help you assess requirements across complexity and criticality, streamlining downstream protocols to support a risk-based approach.

Strategic initiatives

With 10+ years experience building quality initiatives into our own business model, we can help you develop and integrate quality into every step of your process.

Prepare for anything

We understand that quality products start with quality people and quality processes. Mavens helps you prepare and plan, to ensure you’re launching with a top-notch product and ready for anything down the road.

  • Recruiting the right talent
  • Developing + integrating QMS
  • Corrective and preventive action
  • Validation