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Cell & Gene Navigator

Personalized therapies represent cutting edge science, but add significant complexity to the patient’s treatment journey. Mavens can launch your programs and help you navigate those time-critical processes.

Treatment site engagement
Provide patient visibility and enrollment for treatment site networks. A site portal enables electronic patient referrals, purchase order upload, and real-time patient status updates.


Connected patient support
Mavens Cell & Gene Navigator empowers patient support teams with up-to-date information from your partner network. Our platform integrates with personalized therapy management tools and third-party logistics providers.


Patient experience

With such time-critical processes, effective communication is essential. Email, portals, mobile applications, and SMS services provide the channels to keep communication lines open and processes on track.

Key benefits

Time criticality

Reduce patient dropout rates by monitoring time-critical processes and proactively escalating potential problems.


Drive contact center efficiency in a patient-centric manner by surfacing all key information to the contact center from your connected partner network.

Comprehensive tracking

Track key patient identifiers such as the chain of identity and others supplied by third-party vendors.

Real-time reporting

Monitor patient status and program performance with real-time reporting and dashboards.

Treatment site portal

Benefit from patient referral submission, purchase order generation, and real-time patient status updates provided directly to treatment sites.

Veeva interoperability

Deliver compliant insights directly to field sales through Veeva CRM and iRep.


Meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements and secure PHI/PII with auditing, monitoring, and encryption capabilities provided by Salesforce Health Cloud and Salesforce Shield.


Simplify integrations with open APIs for external hubs, personalized therapy management vendors, third-party logistics providers, data warehouses, and electronic benefits providers.


Own your data, capture qualitative information, analyze the patient journey, and deliver actionable insights.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Industry-leading solutions built on industry-leading technology platforms. Our solutions are designed using the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Health Cloud, Veeva, Amazon, and others.