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Clinical Trial Recruiter

Patients have unprecedented access to information regarding investigational treatments. Mavens can equip you with the right tools to provide education and drive clinical trial recruitment.

Capture your audience
Inability to meet patient recruitment volumes is a key factor for many failed clinical trials. Mavens enables self-enrollment into educational therapeutic programs, delivered through your website.


Patient qualification
Understanding your patients’ needs is critical to providing proper education and support. Qualify your patients’ interests prior to engaging with them, ensuring each interaction is meaningful.


Engage and support
The path to trial participation is unique for each patient. Our solution guides the contact center agents through defined business processes, and enables the management of unique tasks for each patient.


Transfer to trial site
Our platform helps you securely transfer patient data to the relevant trial sites. Connect a portal to allow external trial site managers to view pertinent patient information and begin the process of eligibility assessment.

Key benefits


Support self-enrollment via web forms, email, and phone. Validate web-form entry to ensure a complete picture of the patient for easier qualification.

Time to transfer

Manage patient journeys with the help of predefined paths and the flexibility of custom milestones, goals, and tasks.

Trial site collaboration

Confirm successful transfer to trial site and offer assistance with patient re-engagement if clinical trial enrollment is not confirmed.


Record the intricacies of each interaction and leverage that information in ongoing conversations to support personalized communication.


Focus on qualified candidates and route unqualified patients to the appropriate group, all while recording the details of each interaction in a patient-centric manner.


Meet HIPAA compliance requirements and secure PHI/PII with auditing, monitoring, and encryption capabilities provided by Salesforce Health Cloud and Salesforce Shield.

Communication Preferences

Capture general and program-specific consent for patient interactions and the sharing of their information with trial sites.


Gauge critical data in real time to help understand key metrics such as the success rate of trial enrollments and time from interest to enrollment.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Industry-leading solutions built on industry-leading technology platforms. Our solutions are designed using the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Health Cloud, Veeva, Amazon, and others.