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Digital Compliance Cloud

Get rid of the efficiency headaches that arise when marketing tools and approved content repositories are out of sync. Mavens Digital Compliance Cloud ensures marketers always have the latest approved content.

Stay compliant
Content updates that occur between initial approval and email send can cause compliance issues. Eliminate these risks with automatic updates that ensure downstream systems always have the latest approved content.


Sync between systems
Mavens Digital Compliance Cloud acts like an ETL tool for approved digital assets. It ensures approved assets are synchronized to the appropriate downstream systems like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It also keeps track of what assets have been synchronized to which systems, allowing you to track where your content is being used.


Automate the generation of MLR PDFs for emails
Creating MLR PDFs for marketing emails is a time-consuming process. Digital Compliance Cloud automates the process and makes it as simple as sending an email. The resulting MLR PDF can also be submitted to Veeva Vault for review and approval automatically.


Flexible and expandable
Mavens has designed connectors for Digital Compliance Cloud to enable it to connect to many systems including Veeva Vault, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Social Studio, Contentful, and Adobe Experience Manager. Our flexible architecture allows us to build additional custom connectors to suit your specific needs.

Key benefits

Global scalability

Easily localize the login process, channel preferences, and consent capture across all your digital properties.


Easily manage all of your teams and their products with our centralized API-enabled hub.


Manage customized relationships with customers.


Learn about your users’ preferences so you can deliver a multi-channel experience that delivers what they need, where and when they need it.

Brand enhancement

Communicate as your brands—both visually and verbally—in each channel.


Guarantee that your teams can follow relevant laws in every country they operate in.


Know that the right people have access to the right information—and that that information is safe from external threats.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Our products and solutions are designed for Salesforce, Veeva, Amazon, and others, making integrations faster and more efficient.