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Inside Sales Accelerator

Mavens can help you empower your inside sales and telesales teams with Mavens Inside Sales Accelerator. They get all the information they need up front, so they can proactively maintain HCP relationships.

Increase call volume
Your telesales team loses valuable time figuring out who to call next and pulling together relevant information. The Inside Sales Accelerator provides everything they need at a glance. No searching, no hassle.


Connect to CTI
Our Inside Sales accelerator supports integration with existing CTI applications, so now your agents can call out directly from our solution, and receive inbound calls with screen pops.


Fully integrate with your CRM
The Mavens Inside Sales accelerator is built on top of and fully integrated with Veeva CRM, allowing your inside sales teams to record calls and medical inquiries and view HCPs directly within Veeva CRM. No external integrations, no data disparity.

Key benefits

Simple user interface

Minimize time spent scrolling and clicking through various screens to locate a phone number or campaign details.

Next call functionality

Improve efficiency by automatically informing agents who to call next, without them having to worry about overlap.

Campaign builder

Go beyond managing campaigns and assigning targets with the ability to prioritize campaigns.

Manage HCP availability

Reschedule calls for a specific day and time and manage call dispositions.

Highlight scheduled calls

See at a glance upcoming and overdue calls, customize the way this information is displayed to suit your business.


Easily integrate with out-of- the-box Veeva Reporting.


Track campaign progress from start to completion.

Rapid deployment

Set up quickly and deploy to your agents. Projects can be completed in as little as four weeks.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Our products and solutions are designed for Salesforce, Veeva, Amazon, and other, making integrations faster and more efficient.