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Mavens Insights Framework

The Mavens Insights Framework removes the burden that comes with building MyInsights Visualizations from scratch. Produce scalable enterprise-ready Veeva MyInsights Visualizations, increase the effectiveness of your field team, and empower your IT teams to deliver speedy solutions to the field.

Build for the future
The Mavens Insights Framework starts with a set of predefined components that have been battle-tested by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Spend more time focusing on business needs and less time solving technical problems.


Capitalize on economies of scale
With the Mavens Insights Framework’s pre-built component library, no MyInsights project will start from scratch again. Grow your library over time as your teams develop new components, allowing for new visualizations to be developed more quickly and economically as time goes on.


Choose from custom or pre-built solutions
Mavens can custom-build any MyInsights solution to suit your specific needs, or we can start from Mavens Insights 360, our pre-built visualization designed to address common use cases. Mavens Insights 360 also comes with a full license to the Mavens Insights Framework.

Key benefits

A full stack framework

Handle all aspects of MyInsights development, from querying data to formatting and displaying the data for the end user, within the Mavens Insights Framework.

Well supported open standards

Benefit from a framework built on top of React.js and Redux.js, industry standards used by the likes of Facebook and Google that are familiar to a large talent pool throughout the world.

Rich out-of-the-box component library

Get started right away with layouts, page level components, tables, charts, and even timeline and sales data components pre-built and ready to use and extend.

Proper and prescriptive testing

Apply the same methodology you use to develop applications on force.com to MyInsights. Our framework is tested, type safe, and has a built-in testing framework.

An enterprise approach to MyInsights

Bring rigor and an enterprise mindset to MyInsights visualizations with built-in automatic deploy tools and a fully automated testing suite.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Our products and solutions are designed for Salesforce, Veeva, Amazon, and other, making integrations faster and more efficient.