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Medical Affairs: Product

Medical Information Cloud

Drugs are coming to market faster than ever— and HCPs are demanding relevant information quickly. To succeed, Medical Affairs teams need to communicate with HCPs holistically and at their points of need. Evolve your conversations.

The future of medical affairs

Strategic communication by medical affairs teams is becoming a market differentiator. Transform the way your team engages with HCPs, field reps, and consumers by facilitating timely, compliant interactions across multiple channels. Medical Information Cloud lets you do it all in one comprehensive, globally scalable solution built on the Salesforce platform.


Integrated and insightful

Pre-built integrations with solutions like Veeva Vault synchronize information across channels and connect with a single, verified, and monitored content source. Medical Information Cloud also gives you real-time reporting tools so you know what’s working for HCPs and how you can more effectively meet their needs.


At the point of need

Talking to HCPs isn’t just about speaking in person or sending an email anymore. They want answers right away. Mavens Medical Information Cloud includes real-time options like live chat, SMS, and self-service content in addition to traditional channels.

Key benefits

Multi-channel functionality

Allow HCPs to engage how they want to, whether that’s live chat, SMS, self-service capabilities, or more traditional channels like email or phone.

Global scalability

Manage international relationships and navigate language and data collection variables to support country-specific needs.


Remove information silos
so your medical affairs team can operate efficiently and effectively.


Learn about your users’ preferences so you can deliver a multi-channel experience that delivers what they need, where and when they need it.


It’s important to be able to adapt as your business changes. Medical Information Cloud makes reconfiguration quick so you can capture your data but make the moves you need to to succeed.


Monitor activities across all channels to gauge customer interests beyond direct interactions.


You’ll be supported by knowledgeable, personalized, timely service. Medical Information Cloud is monitored continuously so we can take proactive actions and get ahead of issues.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Our products and solutions are designed for Salesforce, Veeva, Amazon, and others, making integrations faster and more efficient.