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Patient Journey Navigator

Patients’ need for support has risen alongside the cost and complexity of modern therapies. Mavens can equip you with the right tools to be a strong advocate for fast, effective patient care.

Start with a great plan
Specialty therapies have led to extremely complicated and specific patient journeys. Our platform standardizes the journeys that have the quickest time to exposure for patients, across different therapies and even different indications.


Adapt to every challenge

Each patient journey has unique problems that need novel solutions. From prescription to reimbursement to adherence, Mavens Patient Journey Navigator can help you track and solve many complications that arise—so you can minimize any delays in patient care.


Engage your patients
Patients can communicate with their care team through connected devices and mobile software solutions so you know that they’re adhering to the plan and getting the support they need to stay on track.

Key benefits

Time to therapy

Improve time to therapy with standardized and configurable patient journeys for specialty, rare and personalized therapies.


Drive contact center efficiency in a patient-centric manner, delivering a different experience for each care team role.

Improved collaboration

Escalate process blockers and keep stakeholders informed with multichannel event-driven notifications.

Veeva interoperability

Deliver compliant insights directly to field sales through Veeva CRM and iRep.


Support triage of prescriptions and share shipment and status updates with specialty pharmacy fulfillment.

HUB services

Reduce time to access with integrated applications for real-time electronic benefits investigation and PAP eligibility.


Meet HIPAA compliance requirements and secure PHI/PII with auditing, monitoring, and encryption capabilities provided by Salesforce Health Cloud and Salesforce Shield.


Simplify integrations with open APIs for external hubs, data warehouses, master data, and electronic benefits providers.


Own your data, capture qualitative information, analyze the patient journey, and deliver actionable insights.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Industry-leading solutions built on industry-leading technology platforms. Our solutions are designed using the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Health Cloud, Veeva, Amazon, and others.