Accelerators — Inside Sales Accelerator

Empower your inside sales teams with Mavens Inside Sales Accelerator.


Your inside sales team loses valuable time figuring out who to call next and pulling together relevant information. The Inside Sales Accelerator provides everything they need at a glance. Veeva supports integration with existing CTI applications, so now your agents can call out directly from Veeva and receive inbound calls with a screen pop. As Veeva’s first Strategic Partner, we continue to support our customers with Veeva implementations and custom business solutions.


  • A single screen presents key information about the HCP, campaign, and previous call attempts.
  • In addition to creating campaigns and assigning different reps to each campaign, managers can also prioritize campaigns.
  • Reps can see scheduled and flexible call-backs in addition to upcoming and recent calls, all from a single screen.
  • The Next Call functionality automatically figures out who to call next and prevents two reps from calling the same HCP.
  • The Inside Sales Accelerator integrates easily with your existing CTI platform using Open CTI Connector.
  • Increased number of outbound calls per day.
  • Better schedule management for call-backs.
  • Increased rep productivity and effectiveness.

More Calls. More Control. More Success. Increase outbound call volume with Mavens Inside Sales Accelerator.