Solutions — Patient Discovery Cloud

Find potential patients in specialty and rare disease.

In rare disease, finding patients is a top priority for commercial and clinical decision makers. With patients often seeing up to eight different doctors over several years before receiving a correct diagnosis, identifying and providing targeted education to the right physicians is key.

The Patient Discovery Cloud is tailored for rare disease focused pharma and biotech companies. Designed to drive commercial success and improve patient outcomes by delivering compliant field sales insights through analysis of real world data.


  • Identify potential patients through analysis of internal and real world data sources such as; claims data, consumer data, lab data and patient hub enrollments
  • Drive field activity with HCPs and Payers through Veeva Suggestions
  • Inform non-personal promotion and use analytics to identify marketing opportunities
  • Score data sources to prioritize their importance and improve the accuracy of results
  • Reporting API to extract insights, combine additional datasets and analyze results
  • Tokenize, encrypt and de-identify patient data to provide a HIPAA compliant and secure cloud-based solution

Find potential patients in a secure, compliant manner — with Patient Discovery Cloud