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Mavens Publication Planning

In today’s socially connected world, scientific misinformation spreads rapidly—influencing politics, economics, and individuals’ well-being. Publications Planning teams, now more than ever, need a comprehensive system that helps them move with trusted accuracy and speed.

Your complete publication planning solution
From study to strategy to publication, Mavens Publication Planning ensures every aspect of planning, execution, and analysis are housed in a single solution. Mavens offers connectors to valuable data sets that power informed decision making. Workflows and automation span the entire publication process with actionable data in a single application, making Mavens Publication Planning the only complete solution available.


A solution that adapts with your team
Unlike legacy applications that require long build cycles and offer you limited control, Mavens Publication Planning adapts with your team’s quickly evolving needs. It is built on the Salesforce platform and supported by Mavens’ product engineering team. Regular releases of new features provide a new level of flexibility.


The ability to plan strategically
Data from clinical trials provide a trove of information that can be analyzed and shared for years to cover many aspects of a product and therapeutic area. With Mavens Publication Planning, teams can align their publication efforts with the scientific imperatives and key medical objectives of a product or franchise. Planning teams can ensure that focus is allocated for the most impact and data is published to reinforce the overall medical strategy.

Key benefits

Strategic planning

Align your teams’ publication efforts with key medical objectives, ensuring that publications reinforce the overall medical strategy of a product or therapeutic area.

Data visibility and security

Control data visibility and security. Refine access by therapeutic area, product, or a single document. Predefine roles for your team and assign them manually or automatically as part of a workflow.

Workflows and tasks

Configure workflows by document type. Workflows are flexible, giving the team the ability to adjust and vary the path from one document to the next.

Timeline and milestones

Zoom in and out from a multi-year publication plan to individual tactics and abstract or manuscript progress. Easily update the timeline and let business rules suggest adjustments to milestone changes.


Manually and automatically complete compliance checklists as part of a document’s workflow. Author agreements can be configured as prerequisites to viewing a document or data.

Journal and congress selection

Search and compare an integrated database of journals and congresses and save tentative, alternative, and final decisions with a draft. See selections laid out on the timeline to make the best choices for your abstract or manuscript.


Manage the administrative and tactical costs for a single publication plan or across a therapeutic area. Maintain rate cards for each agency as well as a reconciliation schedule for each document type.

Author collaboration

Give authors intuitive tools that let them provide input quickly. Track when authors log in or view documents, so the publication management team can monitor progress.


Use out-of-the-box reports and create your own with Salesforce reporting tools. Look for trends across a therapeutic area to make informed decisions about how, when, and where to publish.

Native Connectors

Journal/congress database
Search and compare journals and congresses from within the system. Add relevant dates to the timeline.

Reference database
Browse historical publications with a comprehensive Reference Database.

Attention insight system
Understand the reach and influence of your published content.

Electronic signature tool
Finalize contracts from within the system with DocuSign.

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