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Connecting people to cures

Improve patient outcomes and drive commercial growth.

Solutions for a fully integrated, patient-centric experience.

Mavens combines strategy, technology, and partnerships to provide outcome-driven, patient-centric solutions for Life Sciences. See how we do it in this video.


From program design to launch readiness, we provide the strategy that underpins your patient-focused initiatives.


From a patient’s first symptom to diagnosis to adherence, Mavens provides end-to-end solutions for a fully integrated, patient-centric experience.


A comprehensive partnership network ensures each solution is carefully crafted, combining industry-leading technologies and services for an optimal patient experience.

The product lifecycle

As your product pipeline evolves, so does the opportunity to connect and engage with patients.


Clinical trial recruitment

Drive patient recruitment for clinical trials. By providing clinical trial details on your website, Mavens can facilitate consumer self-enrollment into educational programs supported by a contact center. Educational services are provided with an ultimate goal of transferring the consumer to a clinical trial site.

"In rare disease, approximately 30 percent of Phase 3 studies fail because of insufficient enrollment." — Anju Life Sciences Software and Clinical Leader

Patient profiling & discovery

Enable patient identification and market sizing through the analysis of real-world data. By combining internal and external data from field team interactions, lab results, claims, market data, and more, Mavens is able to deliver compliant insights to drive field activity and non-personal promotion.

A typical rare disease patient sees 8 doctors — 4 in primary care and 4 specialists — and receives 2–3 misdiagnoses before being correctly diagnosed.

HUB strategy & design

Develop program design and plan for launch readiness. Patient services programs seldom launch without a complex network of vendors and technology. Mavens can support you with the solutions, services, and partnership network to operationalize your programs.

"A manufacturer's approach to HUB design should be just as unique as the product and its patient and prescriber populations." — Archbow Consulting


Patient services

Operationalize patient services programs and manage complex therapeutic patient journeys. Mavens provides a patient-centric approach to delivering patient services. Designed to improve time to therapy, contact center efficiency, collaboration, and ultimately patient outcomes.

"By 2020, a projected 9 out of 10 top-selling drugs in the US will be specialty meds." — Drug Channels

Cell & gene therapy

Manage personalized patient journeys for autologous and allogeneic therapies. Establish the chain of identity, keep stakeholders informed, and incorporate complex supply chain and logistical requirements.

"By 2020, the FDA expects it will see more than 200 applications a year requesting permission to begin cell and gene therapy trials." — Chemical & Engineering News


HUB services

Launch or insource programs, and expand upon those services being offered to patients. Mavens enables technology solutions such as eRX, ePA, and eBV, integrates with third-party vendors, and connects manufacturers to our partner network for operational workforce support.

"10% of all prescriptions are initially rejected at pharmacies, and of those two-thirds required a completed PA." — Pharmaceutical Commerce

We build on the platforms you know well.

Industry-leading solutions built on industry-leading technology platforms. Our solutions are designed using the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Health Cloud, Veeva, Amazon, and others.