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How has cloud technology transformed organizations’ ability to reach their patient network?

AlphaNet, an organization that supports people with a lung condition called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, communicates frequently with its network of patients to ask research questions and gather, compile and analyze the data it receives in response.


The process of formulating these questions and then cleaning and evaluating the data has traditionally been extremely time-intensive.

But with the adoption of Mavens Patient Journey Navigator, AlphaNet has been able to automate the majority of this process. Even more important, the AlphaNet team can now see data and begin to analyze trends in real time, as responses come in from their patient network. This streamlined process allows them to spend less time scrubbing data and more time recognizing trends, making breakthroughs, and supporting the network of people who rely on them.

In this video, AlphaNet President and CEO Mark Delvaux and Senior Medical Director Dr. Robert Sandhaus discuss the benefits of a cloud-based system for developing and administering research questions and gathering feedback.