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A smarter path for business growth

Mavens Advisory partners with life science companies to prepare them to use cloud technology for sustainable, strategic growth.

Expertise to help you grow long-term

Our Advisory Services team helps you plan ahead and stay on top of industry trends. We create a roadmap that fits your selling model requirements and business processes and we can move with you from planning to implementation.

Industry experience

We help clients navigate the changing landscape of life sciences cloud solutions and can assist with the planning and sequencing of key capabilities.

Strategic innovation

We focus on long-term business unit strategy when selecting and enabling client platforms and identifying industry partners.

Long-term partnership

We work best as partners, embedding teams and delivering the technology and support our clients need to facilitate effective long-term planning and management.

Plan today, ready tomorrow

Our long experience innovating cloud solutions for life sciences companies has taught us to identify big trends early on. We can help you navigate challenges and seize emerging opportunities as they arise.

  • Significant increase in startup biotech

Investment evaluations continue to favorably compare startup operational metrics and efficiencies in bringing therapies to market.

  • Migration of traditional it activities into business

    The rise of technology platforms enables users to deliver core capabilities to their business units.

  • Industry standard platforms

    The adoption of Salesforce, Veeva, and Amazon platforms helps businesses develop their commercial, medical, and R&D capabilities.

  • Battle for talent

    The rapid growth of the biotech startup environment makes it more important—and more challenging—to recruit talent with product launch and industry experience.

Sequencing & enabling capabilities

We sequence and enable the capabilities needed to design a technology approach that works across your organization—and then create a roadmap of the right technology capabilities for your selling model requirements and business processes. We’ll work with you to get from planning to implementation to launch.

Sales Operations

  • Alignment & targeting
  • Sample management
  • Account management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • HCP call center & services
  • Field communications
  • Incentive compensation
  • Call planning & SFA/CRM
  • HCP engagement
  • E-detailing
  • Call planning & SFA/CRM
  • HCP engagement
  • E-detailing
  • Third party & data management
  • Fleet management
  • Aggregate spend
  • Field technology & help desk

Medical Operations

  • Congresses & conferences
  • Physician inquires & information
  • Adverse events
  • Medical science liaisons
  • Patient services & call center
  • Grants & IIRs

Marketing Operations

  • Speaker events & meetings
  • Promotion material management
  • Digital marketing
  • Market research
  • Market access & managed markets
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing ops planning
  • Agency management
  • Forecasting
  • Med & legal review

Professional Training

  • Speaker events & meetings
  • Promotion material management
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing ops planning