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Patient Discovery Cloud

In rare disease, finding patients is a priority. Mavens can support market sizing and patient identification through analysis of real-world data.

Find potential patients
Mavens Patient Discovery Cloud helps you identify potential patients by combining and analyzing internal and external data sources such as lab data, claims data, and patient hub interactions.


Improve patient outcomes
We help you support better disease identification through intelligent and targeted physician education, thereby reducing time to diagnosis and improving clinical outcomes.


Drive personal and non-personal promotion
Our platform helps you ensure your field teams provide targeted education to the most relevant physicians, and focus your non-personal promotion on the personas and geographical areas highlighted in your data sets.

Key benefits

Data discovery

Combine valuable internal data, such as patient hub enrollments, with real-world sources to build up patient profiles.

Improved outcomes

Shorten patients’ time to diagnosis for earlier intervention and improved outcomes.

Compliance & security

Comply with HIPAA & HITECH standards, and rely on enterprise-grade security to protect your data.

Non-personal promotion

Discover trends to inform non-personal promotion and identify marketing opportunities.

Customized scoring

Score your data and set thresholds to indicate when a patient profile should trigger field interactions.


Use the Reporting API to extract insights, combine additional datasets, and analyze results.

Performance at scale

Use the power of AWS to process billions of transactions and scale as your business scales.

We build on the platforms you know well.

Industry-leading solutions built on industry-leading technology platforms. Our solutions are designed using the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Health Cloud, Veeva, Amazon, and others.