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Veeva CRM Lightning Readiness Assessment

Integrating Salesforce Lightning with Veeva provides a huge opportunity for pharma companies—but it can be daunting. Mavens can help you ensure your existing Veeva CRM installs migrate seamlessly.

Facilitate a smooth transition
Based on our experience from over 12 years of Veeva CRM implementations, we’ve developed a four-week Lightning Readiness Assessment with the goal of making your move to Lightning as easy as possible.


Take a holistic approach
Mavens will perform a health check assessing any CRM configuration, custom or third-party Apex code, and Visualforce pages to ensure your Veeva environment follows best practices and is optimized for your business.

The assessment process

Diagnostic testing

Run a diagnostic review based on Salesforce and Veeva’s Lightning readiness tools.

Document issues

Make a plan for the timing and level of effort required to make any necessary updates.

Additional assessments

Perform additional tests of your full Veeva configuration, including any custom or third-party Visualforce and Apex code.

Report generation

Get the specifics on what needs to be fixed, why it needs to be fixed, how it will be fixed, and how long it should take to get the work done.

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