Accelerators — Budget Management

Clear away the clutter and take budget planning to new levels.


With our web-based portal, sales and marketing managers can more effectively and easily plan how budgeted funds are allocated. As well, brand and territory managers can review allocated funds, distribute budgeted funds across brands, products, and campaigns; and even request additional budgetary allotments.  And, with added visibility into how marketing budgets get distributed, pharmaceutical companies can gain added insight into intended vs. actual spending, as well as view running totals vs. year-to-date.


  • Manage multiple budgets
  • User defined budget categories & hierarchies
  • Collaborative tiered access
  • Plug & play scenarios
  • Drill down budget detail to promotional campaign level
  • Five year archive of budget allocations

Jumpstart more effective management of your promotional budgets now with Mavens Budget Management Accelerator.